Fraylog S.A. is a logistics and administrative services company founded in 2007. Since its beginnings, it has sought to specialize in certain support and management activities for transportation and loading companies, in order for these to be able to fully dedicate themselves to the operational tasks required by their sectors.
In this sense, its structure and scope have varied according to the activity’s dynamics and development throughout these years of the company life. However, its guiding principles have maintained firm: offer clients all necessary services so that they can focus on their main operations.


Fraylog S.A. establishes the following principles oriented to companies included in GRUPO FRAYLOG: KELGIN S.A., ÑENDY S.A., BIESAR S.A., ENFAY S.A., LUBELINE S.A. and its contractors:
  • Generate quality solutions that offer value services, according to the needs and expectations of all interested parties.
  • Develop sustainable strategies and programs based on hazard identification and risks and opportunities assessment for Road Safety and Work Health and Safety of processes, generating the bases for a prevention and care culture, providing safe and healthy work conditions.
  • Develop sustainable strategies and programs focused on environmental protection, pollution prevention and other commitments taken.
  • Fulfil with legislation applicable to the organization’s activities, as well as with our clients’ policies and standards, and other subscribed requirements.
  • Launch employee continuous training processes, reinforcing our values, seeking to boost abilities and awareness for the attainment of objectives.
  • Promote an effective communication, participation and consultation with employees, their representatives and other interest groups.
  • Frame our activities within a continuous improvement and innovation process, with the purpose of achieving the highest standards.


  • Implement strategies in a sustainable and proactive manner, constantly assessing risks, hazards and opportunities in all processes for the Health and Safety of actors involved and interested in them.
  • Develop exemplary conducts and training for collaborators, clients and suppliers on a regular basis.
  • Always act with truthfulness and integrity; comply with correct procedures in the performance of the position and in all actions, not generating doubts regarding what is expected.
  • Be honest in the use, management and protection of company assets, taking care of them, in order to avoid losses, inappropriate use and irregularities.
  • Acknowledge the results generated and obtained by individual and team actions.
  • Act within the legal framework.
  • Exercise discretion and seriousness regarding personal and professional secrets.
  • Show continuous effort to implement plans, achieve objectives and goals.
  • Constantly search solutions for arising situations and difficulties, establishing procedures and documentation for the future.
  • Develop actions, reaching to their final implementation on time and correctly.
  • Have self-motivation to face constant work in the pursuit of objectives (individual and of the team), and situations that might arise.
  • Develop solutions individually and with the Team, complementing each other.
  • Observe the pre-established with critical spirit, in order to generate and boost opportunities.
  • Take control and make things happen instead of simply adjusting to a situation, waiting for something to happen.
  • Be attentive to company needs, considering client, workmate and Society results and needs.
  • Do things right and promptly -Sense of Urgency-.
  • Be efficient and effective in the use of time and resources -material, human and economic-.
  • Take charge of commitments and results, whether favorable or not, for the fulfillment of plans, objectives, time and terms.
  • In the event of emergencies or problems, take charge of whatever is within reach in order to generate solutions and/or collaborate with the team.
  • Facing adverse and/or non-planned situations, seek solutions without transferring responsibility to others, complementing each other instead.
  • Develop solutions, within the framework of comprehensive management, seeking excellence and quality, applying them responsibly, and taking care of actors involved.


In Fraylog, the management team is the integrating element among the companies of the group. It develops solutions within the framework of comprehensive management, seeking excellence and quality, and applying them responsibly.

B.A. Juan Pablo Fabini

General Director


B.A. María Otegui



Mr. Gonzalo Rodríguez

Load & Stockpile Manager

Mauricio Mendy (1)

For. Sc. Mauricio Mendy

Stockpile Manager


Eng. Martín Muñoz

Integrated Management System Manager


B.A. Federico Terra

Transportation Manager


Acc. Paz Vaeza

Responsible for Transportation Analysis and Management


Acc. Carolina Soler

Responsible for Load & Stockpile Analysis and Management

Cecilia Trapp

Acc. Cecilia Trapp

Administration and Finance Manager


T/A Nohely Ramos



Our headquarters are located in Fray Bentos, epicenter of our country’s forestry activities, due to its proximity to the main cellulose plants and fluvial ports. Featuring innovative technology and highly-trained human resources, it guarantees client productivity and safety.


The following have been some of our campaigns.
  • Dale Paso
  • Haciendo Camino en comunidades rurales
  • Sembrando Lazos
  • Volvé a Casa


We have also included solar parks with photovoltaic panels in different departments, sustainably generating 40% of our own electrical energy.