Forestry transportation


The purpose of Forestry Transportation is to provide raw material to cellulose plants in a safe and efficient manner, from the forests where the timber is located towards the cellulose plants or their port terminals.
Kelgin and Biesar companies work in our Logistics Terminal in Fray Bentos. From the planning department, trips are scheduled according to the client needs, ensuring to respond to requests in a timely and correct manner.
The forestry transportation service is provided by both companies, with a fleet of more than 100 cutting edge vehicles, focused on safety and environment, with a long-term-contract with Montes del Plata and UPM. More than one hundred trips are made on a daily basis from forests to cellulose plants in a safe and efficient manner.
Chauffeur training takes place day-by-day, regarding technical aspects, work and traffic safety, and vehicle care, in order to assure work quality to clients and the team in charge.